March 23, 2008

Fighting way above his weight

A coward is often described as a poltroon, unmanly, a weak-kneed, lily-livered sissy. I prefer to describe a coward as someone who hits out on those who choose not to answer back, a low-life bully who has never laid it on the line but whose specialty is to throw dirt on those very far above him as far as morals and decency are concerned. Such a man is one Barry Gottlieb, who recently wrote a moronic piece in the LA Times making fun of the Vatican’s campaign against excessive wealth, pollution, war and so on. I am willing to bet my last dollar that Gottlieb has never served in any of the public services, police, Fire department or, God forbid, the armed forces. He insults the Catholic religion’s highest office for trying to guide us toward a fairer, better world. I am also certain?I have never heard of this jerk before?that he’s as greedy as they come.

Judging from his name, he?s probably Jewish. I am sure he would be the first to howl like a pregnant pig being slaughtered if anyone had criticized the customs of the Jewish faith. I could go on about this, but I will not. I respect other people’s religion, and was taught that at an early age. Why is Gottlieb a coward. Because he knows the Catholic Church will not strike back?the way it should, I might add. If he wants to make fun, why doesn’t he pick on Islam, which stones adulterers and chops off hands. No, Gottlieb, catamite that he is, would never do that. Some Islamists might just strike back, and that wouldn’t do, would it, Gottlieb, you cowardly, barf-inducing poser. Take a lesson from Obama’s speech on race and religion. He raised these toxic subjects to a higher level. You brought religion down to yours, which is most likely in the gutter. 

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