December 02, 2009

And Kalika Moquin makes the third of Tiger Woods’ affairs

It would appear that Tiger Woods might indeed have been putting on an away green. The latest story is that a Las Vegas nightclub hostess (no, this is not a synonym for something else Sin City is famous for, it really does mean a young lady who organises events at a nightclub) called Kalika Moquin has been having an affair with him. This is after we’ve been told of one Jaimiee Grubbs who spoke up after US Weekly offered $150,000 for anyone with evidence that she had been having an affair with Tiger. And Jaimiee does at least seem to have voicemail messages from Tiger which are suggestive.

The first claimed affair was with Rachel Uchitel who has been denying it all furiously as reported back here*.

So far the scores on the door are, on the subject of Tiger Woods’ affairs, one woman denying, one claiming and one, well, this is what is said by Kalika Moquin:

But Kalika Moquin is not ready to kiss and tell. “It’s not appropriate for me to comment one way or the other,” Moquin told Life & Style magazine.

Well, yes, not quite a forceful denial, is it? Tiger is so far quite quiet: he’s admitted on his website to “transgressions” but no more and then asked for privacy. No proof of anything either way really except that we’re all terribly naughty people for wishing to pry into things which are not our business and don’t concern us anyhow. As indeed the sex lives of people we’ll never meet aren’t any of our business.

However, we might point out that one theory for the development of language is, contrary to others which claim that it’s all about being able to warn about the sabre toothed tiger, or to point out where good turnips can be found, that it is all about our being able to gossipand thus create that glorious communal feeling.

*I’ve only just noticed that my subject heading is “trash”, which seems apposite as if I were a young, famous, billionaire who travelled a great deal without my wife I too would keep an eye open for likely looking nightclub hostesses.

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