December 03, 2008

And We Will Make the Muslims Love Us!

Michael Chertoff?the man who makes us take off our shoes, and who confiscates our bottles of hand lotion over three ounces, at airport security checks?has now seen the ?big picture?: Terror can only be vanquished after we?ve dolled out billions in foreign aid to Muslims and subsidized a few hundred thousand to come study Critical Race Theory at our Grandes ?coles. ?Soft Power?!

Since our country?s broke, I guess we?ll have to finance the project by borrowing from the globally democratic Chinese or those terror-fighting Saudi princelings. Or maybe we could just have Ben print up some paper? But these are mere details, of course, when Soft Power Mike is waging a ?battle for the allegiance of men and women around the world [emphasis added].? ?Allegiance? to Washington by everyone on the globe? Wow, this guy’s ambitious!   

Now, some skeptics might scoff that all those standing-tall-on-9/11, Terror Warrior neocons might just be reverting to their former international-liberal selves. Indeed, those cynics might inquire, isn?t Chertoff starting to resemble that unpatriotic bugaboo Deepak Chopra, who?s called for a Marshall Plan for Muslims and who dreams that our new non-white president might capture the imagination of the Arab world and make them all love us again? But no, there?s no similarity between the two at all. Soft Power Mike is a patriot?take Sean Hannity?s word for it!?while Deepak hates America. Don?t you see?           

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