November 22, 2009

Andrew Sullivan Probably Doesn’t Hate Jews Very Much

Why should conservatives allow Morris Dees, Mark Potok and Heidi Beirich monopolize the hate-monitoring racket? According to them, we have so much first-hand experience with hate, we should be expert authorities on the subject by now.

Therefore, I’ve appointed myself research director for the Theodoracopulos Anti-Kook Institute (TAKI), and launched my first major investigation, seeking to determine if Andrew Sullivan is a blood-libeling Jew-hater.

Sully’s enemies point to suspicious evidence of bigotry After exhaustive research, however, I have concluded that Andrew Sullivan is probably not a hard-core Holocaust-denying anti-Semite. He’s just a dope-smoking, AIDS-infected, lunatic subversive immigrant menace to American society who should be immediately deported.

We at TAKI are happy to have helped clear up this misunderstanding.

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