March 26, 2008

Are Polar Bears A Mineral?

“The US Geological Survey says they are at historic highs” present Senate and past Rush Limbaugh staffer Marc Morano told the Heartland International Conference on Climate Change, an event S. Fred Singer told ABC news last Sunday was addressed by “a hundred distinguished climate scientists “

As there were 100 listed speakers,  I guess Marc, who has identified himself as ” a political scientist” in the New York Times must meet Singer’s demanding criteria, , for he was among the 90 odd survivors who actually spoke at it,  two having sadly died before the event.

For some strange reason, only two dozen or so of Singer’s hundred are recognized by Science Citations, which monitors over 7,500 science journals, as ever having published anything scientific, and somewhat anticlimacticly,  only 19 of the alleged hundred joined the 84 year former Department of Transportation Chief Scientist’s in a group photo, when any and all scientists present , distinguished, climatic, or otherwise, were asked to step forward for a photo-op at the free lunch climaxing the event.

Morano told the conference that he approached the climate wars with ” a brass knuckles attitude” adding that “We don’t want to get too deep into science debates.”  Citing such learned journals as Time and Newsweek,   he went on to praise talk radio , and came down strongly ( twice)  against ” huts made of dung,” observing :

“Cow emissions are actually more damaging to the planet, if you believe the UN,  than all the transportation sector. I don’t know why Time is going after the Model T, they should be going after the cow.”

This news of a polar bear population bomb is very grave.  Some of my colleagues as a Peabody Museum field director had to fill out a great deal of Canadian paperwork after one of the naughty creatures ate a graduate student who neglected to drag along her brass knuckles when visiting the Ungava Peninsula.

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