June 24, 2008

As Bush Falls, So Should The Neocons

Over at NRO, Rich Lowry is lamenting that Bush’s approval rating has fallen to 23%.  The reason for this is obvious:  with the possible exception of judicial appointments, Bush has been an abject failure as president, spending most of his political capital on a disastrous war that has cost thousands of American lives and may be costing the country up to $3 trillion dollars, dramatically expanding the size and scope of the federal government, presiding over continued fiscal and trade deficits, as the dollar has plummeted and gas has gone from $1.40 per gallon when Bush became president to what we are paying today, and pushing throughout his tenure for an insane plan that would inundate America with millions of new immigrants, mostly from the Third World.

What we should never let anyone forget, though, is that the NRO crowd and the neocons spent most of Bush’s administration fawning over him and trying to convince the rest of us how wonderful he was, producing such embarrassing tomes as David Frum’s The Right Man and John Podhoretz’s Bush Country.  The neocons have a habit of evading responsibility for their mistakes, but they should not be allowed to run away from their support for this deservedly unpopular president.

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