July 16, 2009

Babies: Threat Or Menace?

Hating babies is a professional obligation of environmentalists like Obama’s “science czar” John Holdren, whose collaboration with neo-Malthusian scaremonger Paul Ehrlich highlights the hidden history of Culture of Death Inc.:

The population control movement, which generated the anti-baby hysteria that Ehrlich and Holdren promoted in their books, was largely the brainchild of John D. Rockefeller III. Rockefeller funded much of the movement himself and through a number of family trusts and foundations, and he encouraged other foundations (Ford, Scaife, Carnegie) to do the same. . . .

Read the whole thing. What’s amazing to me is how many people—including know-it-all types who dismiss pro-lifers as “ignorant”—know absolutely nothing about the history of the environmental movement and its multiple connections to an agenda that can fairly be described as both racist and genocidal. “Elitist” is actually the most apt word, since the Rockefellers—like Erhlich, Holdren, Ted Turner, Jane Fonda and other promoters of the Culture of Death—are possessed by an implacable hatred of ordinary people that doesn’t really discriminate among the various inferior races whose fertility their wish to curtail By Any Means Necessary.

White Southerners, Irish Catholics, Puerto Ricans, Chinese, Japanese—it doesn’t really matter. So long as you are a member of a relatively poor ethnic or social group whose growth threatens the hegemony of the feeble, decadent plutocracy (when it comes to decadence, Jay Rockefeller is hard to beat), they will do everything within their power to prevent you and your children from reproducing.

Among other things, the Culture of Death has subsidized the publication of textbooks so that science and social studies texts include anti-natalist propaganda, so that if your state or local school system is using such a textbook, your tax dollars are being used to promote this evil. And, just in case you didn’t notice it, the anti-baby agenda and the environmentalist agenda tend to move in lockstep with the gay agenda—the promotion of homosexuality having been part of the neo-Malthusian campaign for at least four decades. (“We’re here! We’re queer! We’re driving Chevy!”)

One of the secrets of successful “philanthropy” of this sort is to use donations as a way of leveraging other resources: The Foundation gives grants to the professor who advances to become a dean who encourages the university to seek federal grants for research that will be promoted by foundation-subsidized journalists whose scaremongering stories will be used to promote legislation promoted by politicians who get campaign donations from the corporation that contributes to the foundation . . .  ad infinitum.

There’s a spider-web aspect to these sprawling networks of influence. When you observe that the CEO of D.C. public TV station WETA is Sharon Percy Rockefeller, whose father’s political career was sponsored by her husband’s family wealth, and then you notice a few other things about her biography (Pepsi? Stanford University?) you cease to be mystified by certain phenomena that would otherwise be inexplicable (e.g., how David Brooks became the “conservative” commentator on PBS.) Think about all the people connected to the Rockefellers—professionally, socially and otherwise—and then all the people connected to those people, and you begin to perceive the structure of what Joe Sobran once called “the Hive.”

There is no need for conspiracy theories, once you know the facts. And you should read the whole thing.

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