July 25, 2008

Barack in Berlin

The ?Go America? Right’s reaction to Obama?s Berlin speech has been pretty predictable. For instance, Scott Johnson at the Power Line blog has interpreted the line, ?I know my country has not perfected itself,” as anti-American grandstanding in a foreign land.   

Lawrence Auster is getting much closer to the truth when he writes that Obama?s ?one-world, one-humanity, tear-down-all-walls, eliminate-all-discrimination, liberal globalism message? is much the same as what ?one hears from every politician today including Bush and McCain, along with a brief passing mention of America’s sometime failures in the past to live up to its ideals.?

As Auster notes, when Bush was recently in Africa, he basically did the same act that?s recently played so well in Berlin: ?But however long the journey, our destination is set: liberty and justice for all.?

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