May 08, 2008

Barrack over Baldwin

As my last attempt at humor shows, I?m highly skeptical of all forms of conservative Obamania. Still, I think that voting for Obama over a third-party traditionalist like Chuck Baldwin might be a good idea. Even if I?m not totally convinced myself, here?s my reasoning: 

Baldwin might get the VDARE-Takimag seal of approval, but he?s simply not going to be taken seriously by the major media outlets, and he?ll undoubtedly end up getting under 1% in the general. That is, he?ll quickly become the ?crazy conservative? candidate who?s all too easily marginalized and demeaned. None of this is fair, but it?s reality. 

Republicans crossing over for Obama, on the other hand, is a major phenomenon, and the media is beginning to key in on it. Moreover, this represents the kind of movement that is disruptive of the Left/Right status quo in ways that the Constitution Party simply is not. 

Sure, lots of the Obamcons are far from perfect (and here I?m thinking of those that actually believe in the Hope crap). But even these people prove that there is a large contingency of fairly conservative people who don?t go in for ?Conservatism=Iraq + GWOT + vulgar Bushian patriotism.?   

An Obamacon movement could be perceived, if we communicate effectively, as ?these guys see little difference between McCain and Obama on domestic issues, and they really want to end the Iraq war now. Wow, maybe we need to rethink Left and Right.? This isn?t too much of a stretch, even a FOX News regular like Ann Coulter would say publicly that what divides Mac and Obama on domestic matters is inconsequential. 

If we went for Baldwin, our vote would be perceived as, ?Wow, those guys are to the right of John McCain!? This is not helpful.   

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