September 19, 2008

Being Equal For A Change

Last Sunday I listened to Tom Brokaw interview Rudolph Giuliani on ?Meet the Press.? The reason this former New York City mayor was on was to represent his former GOP rival in the Republican presidential primaries, John McCain. Most of what Giuliani said was the usual boiler plate about how McCain would protect us nonstop against terrorists, whereas McCain?s opponent Senator Obama would not be a good ?terrorist fighter,? if elected president. Then Brokaw, an unmistakable Obamamaniac, began to stress the fact that former Congressman Dick Armey (a longtime Heritage Foundation favorite) had discerned ?white racism? in many of those ?Bubba-types? who are now rallying to McCain. Furrowing his brow to register his deep concern about this apparent epidemic of prejudice, Brokaw asked Giuliani whether he agreed with Armey?s judgment. Rather than answering the question directly, Giuliani went off on a tangent, telling us how he was sure that ?neither Senator Obama nor Senator McCain is a racist.? In fact, he went on to explain, ?I don?t think that either would want racists to vote for them.?

Giuliani?s response was glaringly disingenuous, but it was also fully worthy of a leader of the party of used-car-dealers and funeral directors, which may be the kindest thing I can bring myself to say about the GOP. The speaker knew as well as I that over 95% of black voters, unless the world comes to an end before then, will be casting their ballots for Pastor Wright?s most famous parishioner. McCain?s share of the white vote, which he has done nothing in particular to deserve as a defender of the dignity of his own race, should total no more than 60%.For twenty years or more, Obama was the close friend and follower of a black racist hate monger, whose congregation he only quit when Wright became a hindrance to his presidential campaign. Why are whites who vote for a candidate other than Obama considered ?racists,? while Obama and his black foot-soldiers have nothing to answer for, when they express their black pride?

The answer is obvious. And part of it is that those who control the party of used car dealers and funeral directors refuse to demand that whites and blacks be held accountable to the same standards. If whites condemn David Duke and his hangers-on as racists, then they should apply the same judgment to Obama, who in any case is only half black and grew up among whites. Of course this doesn?t happen because Reps are nothing more than patronage-holders and at their most idealistic, neocon water-carriers. They?re also afraid to take on the media any more than they?ve done and clearly the media is angry at the Reps because they have refused to roll over for the ?candidate of hope.? But my final question to Republicans McCain and Giuliani is what they think they are going to lose if they insist that black and white politicians and voters be held to the same standards of conduct and speech. Since the leftist media are already beating up on them, would it hurt the Reps to act honorably by insisting that we be allowed to talk about Obama?s racist past and the racial preference shown by black voters? As for Giulian?s vaunted lip, I heard none of it in his cravenly, mendacious response to the supercilious Brokaw.

I was also struck by the fact that Neocon Central?s biggest loudmouth, Bill O?Reilly, kept his mouth shut when Obama explained to him that he had never heard Wright during all their years of fellowship rant against white Americans. O?Reilly has said repeatedly with a straight face ever since the interview with Obama ?I believed him when he said that.? Would he be equally credulous if he were interviewing a candidate for president, who could well be elected and who had spent the last twenty years as a white nationalist groupie? We all know the answer to my ?dumb question.? 

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