March 10, 2008

Believe it

Regarding Justin’s last post, since Daniel and I are both arguing pretty much the same thing, I’ll respond.

My point in highlighting the interventionist tendencies of Samantha Power, Obama, et al. is to bring to the fore the fact that no current Democrat represents any real opposition to the Bushian-McCainian war party. Sure, stationing “peace keepers” in Darfur might be less expensive than an attempted transformation of the Middle East, but even if Obama (or Clinton) begins to slowly pull the troops out of Iraq, there’s absolutely nothing to lead us to believe that 4 or 8 years later our military commitments abroad, or the gargantuan military budget that has little to do with national defense, would be any smaller. Nor would American foreign policy loose its “democratization” thrust. Thus what are we really hoping to gain by supporting Obama? 

Besides, expectations that Obama will pull out of Iraq any time soon should most definitely be curbed after Power’s recent “best case scenario” comments. 

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