September 08, 2008

Walter Block defends the indefensible Palin

Walter Block and I seem to be on the same team of conservatives and libertarians “rooting” for Sarah Palin: 

Yes, yes, [Palin] is no libertarian, certainly not of the purist variety. She is no Ron Paul. But, a little context here, please. Compared to McCain, Obama and Biden, she is a veritable Murray N. Rothbard. What about matching her up against all the other 49 governors? Well, Bobby Jindal of Louisiana is not all bad as far as these things go, and there might be another half dozen of this breed, mainly in the poorly populated states west of the Mississippi, but surely Sarah Palin fits comfortably into this category. According to this source, tax freedom day arrives earliest in Alaska, of all 50 states. Not too shabby, at least in this context. She favors drilling in the ANWR, and that alone is worth the price of admission. […]

Did you notice how Sarah is widely referred to, when in formal mode? Yes, as Mrs. Palin, not Ms. Palin. Isn?t that wonderful? Doesn?t that really stick it to the socialist feminists? Yes, indeedy do. And, there is no group that more deserves such a come-uppance than they. They have long striven to stuff this horrid bit of nomenclature (see here) down our collective throats, and, on all too many occasions have succeeded. It is time, it is long past time, that we jettison this insufferable politically correct attack on traditional gender distinction.

She delivers a hugely deserved kick in the teeth to those limousine liberals who infest both east and west coasts of our country. I?m talking about the intellectual-academic-cultural “elites” who dismiss the rest of the populace as inhabiting “fly over” country. Here is a rifle toting, moose killing, basketball playing, beauty contest winning, charismatic and eloquent long happily married conservative hockey mom who has made something of herself in a very competitive field, who has not gone to finishing school at Harvard, Yale or Princeton. She does not revere the mainstream media; far from it. She is a breath of fresh air blowing in from our northernmost state. God bless her. […]

True confession time. Before Palin (BP), I was leaning toward Obama. I thought he was marginally less likely to drop a nuclear bomb on some hapless third world country than mad bomber McCain. I regarded, and still do, foreign policy as more important than domestic, given that “war is the health of the state.” And, there was very little to choose between the Republocrats and the Demopublicans on economics. Socialism from both quarters (although I admit it, the prospect of Alan Dershowitz on the Supreme Court did give me pause for thought). But now, after Palin (AP), I am shifting my allegiance to the Republicans. Go, Sarah, go!

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