August 18, 2009

Bob Novak (1931-2009)

Human Events is reporting that Robert Novak, the legendary reporter, columnist, and all around Washington insider, has died, succumbing to a brain tumor, which had forced him into semi-retirement last year.

For anyone interested in remembering Novak, or considering his place in postwar American politics, a good place to start is Robert Merry’s review of Novak’s autobiography, The Prince of Darkness, which ran in The American Conservative a few years back. 

My all-time favorite quote about Novak comes from Patrick Moynihan, as reported by Patrick Buchanan, regarding the Prince of Darkness’s conversion from Judaism to Catholicism: Said one Patrick to the other, “Now that we have made Novak a Catholic, do you think we can make him a Christian?”


Update: For a critical view, I suggest turning to Kevin Lamb’s assessment of Novak’s career.

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