March 19, 2008

Boneheaded Americans Help British Cretin Sell More Books

Check out this story.  Let’s see… U.S. immigration officials keep a particularly vile Englishman from coming to the U.S. to sell his book. So he gets a front page story in the NY Times, and becomes a “hero” of free speech. Which guarantees that he will sell a GAZILLION more books than he might have through a few dull readings to jaded New Yorkers over plastic cups of cheap chianti.

Will we EVER learn from the lesson of Karen Finley and Robert Mapplethorpe? This is a GAME these degenerates play. They roam the world, seeking “bourgeois” whom they can “epater.” (My French is probably wrong there—sorry. The only snippets I know of that noble tongue come from old Royalist songs I’ve got loaded on my Ipod. ? bas le R?publique!)

Get a clue folks: Just ignore these creatures. When they beg you to make them into martyrs, settle for making them a laughing stock. For that matter, Christians should respond to films which attack our faith not by calling them “blasphemous” or “offensive.” That just sells tickets. Instead, as I once advised the Catholic bishops in a column, they should describe films which offend them as “complex,” “beguiling,” “intellectually challenging,” “long” and “foreign.” No better way to sink them like a stone.

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