March 10, 2008

Spitzer on the Hook

Salon’s Glenn Greenwald is asking why does Eliot Spitzer have to resign because he was caught patronizing a prostitute—does anyone really care? Yet Greenwals confesses that he has no personal sympathy for the guy, considering Spitzer’s zealous high-profile prosecution, while attorney general, of at least two major girls-for-hire operations.

I’m listening to Tucker Carlson assert his libertarianism—“Tucker,” says Chris Matthew, “I know you’re a libertarian, although there are always exceptions in particular questions”—as he asks: where’s the crime?

Yet, as Greenwald admits, Spitzer has been a high-profile prosecutor of “immorality” from the get-go: and that’s why he ought to be prosecuted, on libertarian grounds. The rule should be that only politicians who pose as guardians of “public morality” be brought up on charges—of coercive hypocrisy. Ordinary johns should be let go.

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