April 02, 2008

Bravo, Richard!

I’m delighted and relieved that Mr. Spencer has been moved to impose control over the Comments section of Takimag.com. It is clear that we have been targeted by a clique of neo-Nazis and racialists as a site they thought they could hijack, and I’m glad that they won’t succeed. If conservative politics are to be viable, we must show how they are beneficial to every honest, well-meaning citizen, regardless of his ethnic or national origin. The claim of the neocons is that only their ideological construct, a “propositional nation” under arms, can meet this standard. They are wrong. It is our job to show that they are wrong. Race fetishists, anti-Semites, and other haters help FURTHER the neocon case, and discredit legitimate critiques of their policies. As to those who on this site have claimed that I and other paleocons who reject anti-Semitism act only out of fear, I have this to say: We have openly attacked and confronted the Gay lobby, the Democrats, the neocons who control the Republican party, the immigration lobby, the business lobby, the feminists, the Marxists, the academic Left…in other words, most of the groups which in the West dominate the social and financial elites. Oh yes, and we have challenged the Moslems, who might very well blow us up. And you think that we are really running around PRETENDING not to be anti-Semites out of fear of Jews? It is much more likely that you Nazis out there hold your own sick ideas out of fear that you are really homosexual. Which is, in the end, a more charitable explanation.

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