May 06, 2008

“Chaos” or Obamania?

I’m generally sick of thinking about the presidential horse race; however, I do have one observation about this evening’s results. Rush Limbaugh, who’s officially dropped his anti-McCain independence and returned to GOP shilling, organized his “Operation Chaos” again in Indiana, which is supposedly going to send the Democratic Party into internecine indecision. (I’ve been skeptical of the plan.) Anyway, according to CNN’s exit polling, of self-identified Republicans who voted, 53% went for Clinton, 45% for Obama. So, either Operation Chaos was so tightly organized that Rush was able to get Ditto Heads whose names begin with A-M to vote for Hillary and N-Z to vote for Obama, or else Republicans who crossed over voted much like the state as a whole. Not only does this polling discredit the argument that a protracted primary will hurt the Democrats—to the contrary, it’s attracting new crossovers—but more importantly, it suggests that Obamania still has some life. Perhaps a few are making the “Iraq war trumps all” calculation of the paleo-libertarian Obamacons (Justin and Bacevich), but more are simply still fascinated with the man, Rev. Wright and all. The Great Transcender is not just popular among students and blacks but still has appeal among Republicans who buy into the “making history” stuff just as much as the Left. No wonder NR has decided that now is the time to come out against the menace of Black Nationalism.

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