July 01, 2008

Charity Allows Us to Make Good Use of Any Truth About Our Fellow Man

I disagree with the suggestion that we should be evasive about reality in the interest of social peace or because certain facts might be abused.  Suppressing IQ data won?t fool anyone about what their eyes and experiences reinforce every day. People know about group trends; it?s not exactly news, especially to people whose honesty has not been suppressed by higher level education group-think.

What science can?t do, but real conservatives must, is remember that we have certain obligations to one another as countrymen, as Christians, and as beings made in the image of God.  This is true for all of our countrymen of all races. We should not descend into a pagan attempt to eugenecize ourselves into supermen and throw away those deemed inferior or more burdensome.  We should instead seek (or rather remember) to create conditions for the social flourishing of all the races based on reality.  Because of our cultural and racial differences, this means different communities will need different levels of social control, order, educational systems, and the like.  This local variation is perfectly healthy and, so long as done in a spirit of charity, need not be be an expression of nastiness, hate, or mean-spiritededness.

White nationalism, as opposed to historic American patriotism, however, is often uncharitable, ahistorical, and unnecessary. It conceives of blacks as the enemy.  It seeks to recreate America on the basis of a single unifying abstract principle, just as mass immigration seeks to recreate the historical America on the basis of an ahistorical universalist principle that prevents any recognition of our historical biracial, unicultural heritage.

Blacks and whites got along better, spoke the same langauge, sang the same songs, and worshiped the same God in the past, when a broad-minded American patriotism ruled the day. That patriotism did not demand ?white power,” but it did not presume to permit ?black power? either, whether in the name of justice or self-hate or whatever. It recognized instead the sovereignty of the law and majority rule; in cultural matters, the rights of wealthy, self-respecting, educated whites were recognized as those of a majority and those of the successful elite, the people who rightfully get to set standards for the whole society.  Black leaders followed their lead, setting up social clubs and institutions that worked in parallel with those of whites.  Black and white leaders both demanded the same behavior of the lower classes of both races and pursued the same goals that formed a common culture. 

I do not believe it was wise or just to have imported millions of Africans as slaves.  It is undeniable the races’ relations have often been uneasy, characterized by animosity, jealousy, hate, suspicion, and sometimes rage.  But the current degraded conditions of race relations are uniquely bad.  This is an aberrant time, made worse by a liberalism that depends on the very lies about IQ and the casue of black failure that John would perpetuate in the name of social peace and avoiding hurt feelings. 

I agree with John that we are countrymen, black and white alike. It is a cruel and ideological view that would be indifferent to the effects of public policies like free trade and mass immigration on the fortunes of low IQ native-born Americans, both blacks and white. To me, understanding IQ can make us more charitable and more realistic with one another.

While I do not believe in perpetual guilt-tripping and obeissance to ridiculous race-hustlers like Al Sharpton, my opposition to that does not prevent me from having ordinary Christian feelings of sympathy and fellow feeling with my black countrymen, folks who speak my language, fight our wars, and worship Jesus Christ.  I do not have to forget that black criminals exist in higher percentages or that black culture has become degraded since the Sixties to remember also that it produced Booker T. Washington and Ella Fitzgerald.  I can’t easily forget the L.A. Riots, but I also remember that Reginald Denny was saved by courageous local blacks who saw his beating unfold on TV.

We are in a degraded time, with unnecessary and avoidable friction fomented by race-hustlers.  We should not tolerate them, but we need not suppress truths about differences of the races to do so. Liberalissm depends on various lies about race and the cause of black social problems.  Unraveling these lies is the way to unravel liberalism itself.  As in all things, truth put into action through charity is the way forward.

* This is a re-post of a comment I wrote for John in his thread.

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