July 07, 2008

Climate Change:  The Left’s Trojan Horse

The movement of rhetoric from global warming to “climate change” is the most salient evidence that fraud is afoot. I can think of no greater example in recent times of the “big lie” than the nonsense that is “man-made global climate change.” It used to be global warming, but the atmosphere hasn’t warmed in the last ten years so now the preferred nomenclature is “climate change.” If it gets warmer, colder, drier, or wetter, all will be attributed to ill-defined and non-testable theories of man-made climate change.

Last night on National Geographic Channel I watched a moderately interesting show on what would happen if the human race disappeared. In geological terms, the return to a globe without much of a human impact would be pretty swift, ten or twenty thousand years at the most. But most distressing was the description of C02 as if it were some deadly poison and not an “essential trace gas” that forms a tiny portion of the atmosphere. Worse still, there was little mention that this trace gas is something that plants need much the way humans need oxygen.

Hopes for mass extinction and sentimental regard for climate change’s “victims” oscillate among the propagandsists.  Today CNN takes the sentimental route, reporting to its credulous readers that kids in the Third World have stunted growth and other health problems because of “climate change.” Since when are starving kids in the Third World something new?  It’s been this way forever.

Who can forget the unlucky Ethiopian children paraded before cameras by the likes of Suzanne Summers and the “We Are the World” crew back in the 80s? Starvation in the Third World has nothing to do with climate change and everything to do with the Third World’s primitive economies, kleptocratic leadership, and lack of public health infrastructure. It’s a tough way to live, and these poor people have my sympathies, but their kids’ ill health has nothing to do with climate change. The First World by contrast handles periodic and cyclical droughts with ease. Just by way of illustration, obesity is a problem with our “poor” people. Think about that.

It’s sad that the mainstream right and the K-Street Libertarians are falling over themselves to condemn Jesse Helms for things he said back in the 50s, because his opposition to the UN in the early 90s was heroic and prescient. His political achievements certainly did more for the cause of limited government than the behemonth infrastructure of federal government-dependent libertarian “think tanks” in DC.  After embracing the failed programs of a “nuclear freeze” and “global economic justice,” the socialist and internationalist left has turned to climate change as the Trojan Horse with which to strangle free markets and (western) national sovereignty. Worse, the natural forces of resistance are weaker and less coherent than ever. Vanity-motivated John McCain and half-educated evangelicals are getting in on the act and assisting with the destruction of their inherited way of life.  A false sense of stewardship and naivite are leading them to abandon caution in the face of their sworn enemies:  internationalists, socialists, and pro-abortion population-control fanatics.

Any change in climate, a naturally dynamic phenomenon, will continue to be marshaled as evidence that massive numbers of human beings must disappear and that our competitive advantages over the Third World must be hobbled by UN intervention. Once the winners and losers become apparent from this scheme, how will the greedy Third Worlders stop themselves?  Global Warming is becoming more and more obvious as a crack-pot idea little different than the “ice age” hysteria of the 70s. It would ordinarily be comic that this hysteria is taking place just as concrete evidence is emerging that global warming—man-made or otherwise—has not even happened during the very period when it was predicted to skyrocket. 

It may take some time, but I have little doubt that the environmentalist rhetoric won’t skip a beat whether the earth warms, cools, or stays the same.  Lord knows there will always be Third World cripples activists can point to as evidence that something is amiss in the environment and, by implication, proof of the evil indifference at the heart of the Western World.

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