July 15, 2009

Congrats Jack!

Congrats to Jack Hunter for being the latest person to incur the wrath of the infamous e-stalker Mark Levin.  Like his female doppleganger Ann Coulter, Levin made the leap from Constitutional scholar to stand-up comic years ago and has managed to avoid any sign of sanity since.  Also like Coulter, Levin has a strange habit of saying bizarre things that virtually no one else on Earth believes.  In the past I have suggested that Coulter is in actuality a Swiftian satirist, writing thinly veiled “Modest Proposal” pieces that fly over the heads of many of her followers.  This reading of Coulter is admittedly a generous one and I have always qualified it by noting that the only clear alternative is that Coulter is suffering from sort of high functioning political autism.  Needless to say Levin lacks the wit of Coulter, and thus any semi-favorable conclusions about the motivations for his consistently imbecilic commentary are non-existent. 

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