October 24, 2009

Countdown to Doom

The response to the HL Mencken Club‘s second annual meeting (modestly entitled “We Are Doomed!”) has been tremendous. A week away from the event, well over 100 people have pre-registered. It’s sure to be a great crowd, and if you’ve ever wanted to see in the flesh many of the writers associated with Takimag (Pat Buchanan, John Derbyshire, Paul Gottfried, Kevin Gutzman, Tom Piatak, Steve Sailer, Thomas E. Woods, Jr., and Christian Kopff among them), you probably won’t have a better chance than this Halloween weekend. I don’t often boast, but in less than two years time, the HLMC board has created the largest alternative right-wing group in the country. The demand for such an organization is clearly high, and after this year’s success, we’ll be able to expand our programing in the coming years. 

I also have some mixed news to pass on. Peter Brimelow, pictured below, will not be able to join us this year.



The good news is that we’ve replaced him with this man:



Just in case you don’t recognize him, that’s John Brimelow, Peter’s twin brother. 

Peter and I considered just not telling anyone he couldn’t make it and have his twin brother impersonate him at the podium. This might have worked, but Peter worried that John might say something too radical and spoil Peter’s reputation for tolerance and moderation. 

John will be speaking on a very interesting topic: “The Rise and Fall of ‘Chimerica.’” He’ll discuss the importance of currency exchange rates and how Wall Street and Beijing have worked together to create an economic arrangement that’s been highly detrimental to Main Street and the American middle class. I greatly look forward to this talk! 

In future conferences, we might get both Brimelows to come, but only list one Brimelow on the program. This way, a Brimelow could end his speech by climbing into a magical-looking box on stage and then the other Brimelow could miraculously reappear in a flash at the back of the room.

As I said, we have big plans for the HL Mencken Club. Big plans.

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