January 10, 2009

Counterattacking the Smearbund

Justin Raimondo is understandably upset by Andrew Sullivan, who has dragged through the mud an ?anti-Semite, who dared to disagree with Sullivan?s neoconservative pals. But true to slimy form, Sullivan, the neocon toady par excellence, neglects to mention the name of his opponent. My response is ?What else is new?? For decades now the neoconservatives, with ample assistance from their (predominantly Jewish) liberal friends, have been playing the same game, pretending that they?ve no opposition on the right, except for unnamed ?anti-Semites? inhabiting a fever swamp. Everyone and his cousin is now playing along, as I noticed during the efforts made by the antiwar press on the left to ignore Justin and other widely read critics of the war in Iraq who were on the right but not neoconservatives. The only paleo critic who ever made it on to the New York Times?s editorial page was Andrew Bacevich, and in Andy?s case, his passionate support of Obama and the difficulty of linking him professionally to others on the Old Right, were definite advantages. It is also hard to find evidence that Bacevich, with whom I often agree on current foreign policy, holds typically paleo views about historical controversies concerning, for example, the Civil War or World War One.

The problem is we can?t stop this process of marginalization and the ongoing defamation unless we can launch a devastating counteroffensive, and that would take megabucks and a sponsor like the vile Rupert Murdoch. Let?s face it! Our enemies have done a brilliant job turning us into non-persons, and they will continue to do so until we can get hold of the kind of weapons they have turned against us. Then we can bomb away while getting personally noticed.

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