March 09, 2009

Curb Alert

Some people believe ?you get what you pay for?. Others say, ?the best things in life are free?.  But what if you?ve recently lost your high income job? What if your furniture was repo?ed by the rental company and you can?t afford to replace it? Maybe your fianc? is threatening to seek love elsewhere now that you can?t spring for the wedding of her dreams? Perhaps your so-called friends are no longer returning phone calls just as your financial wellbeing has started to come undone? Should you kill yourself?

Absolutely not. At least not account of insolvency.

There is plenty to be had on Craigslist for absolutely nothing.  Here are a few recent posts:

Need furniture?
? I think this couch may be the ugliest piece of furniture that has ever been created, from the fabric that screams…. well, it just screams… to the fine sheet metal paneling on the front. I can’t believe that someone actually built this thing. I live in a 4th floor walk-up & I?ll happily help you move it. 

Getting married?
?wedding gown, for a full figure gal, 5?5?, 225lbs. Giving it away because I can?t seem to sell it, even when I made it as low as 10 dollars. I am remarried now and, well, new hubby, new dress. It is in good condition. Maybe it needs a dry cleaning. Please be a female. 

Want a friend?
?I have a turtle. I?ve had him forever. To mix up his diet I feed him live fish. It?s recommended. But this one fish has managed to make friends with my turtle. Come to find out turtle bacteria and goldfish poop attract flies, so I’ve separated them. I’d hate to see him meet his fate with the toilet bowl. It would be awesome if someone would take ?Lucky?, the goldfish, and give him a good home.

Want to get rid of that new friend?
?I found a small fish tank with a large crack in it.

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