November 05, 2008

David Frum to the Religious Right:  Drop Dead

After weeks of expressing contempt for the delcasse Sarah Palin, David Frum has now expressed his disdain for the voters who liked Palin and who have propelled the GOP to victory after victory since Reagan’s election in 1980, the evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics who vote Republican because of their concern over issues like abortion.  According to Frum, such voters need to be jettisoned because “College-educated Americans have come to believe that their money is safe with Democrats—but their values are under threat from Republicans.”

To pursue the burgeoning yuppie class, “will involve painful change, on issues ranging from the environment to abortion.  And it will involve potentially even more painful changes of style and tone:  toward a future that is less overtly religious, less negligent with policy and less polarizing on social issues.”

What Frum neglects to add is that none of these changes would be “painful” for him, a pro-abortion, non-religious denizen of a tony Washington neighborhood, who has long been uncomfortable with social issues and tolerated religious voters so long as they were willing to vote Republican without expecting much in return and serve as cannon fodder in the wars Frum wants America to fight, but now thinks he has found something better.

The question is, with National Review giving the boot to its founder’s son and Jeffrey Hart, why does it still keep Frum around?  Is National Review, too, becoming embarrassed by religious conservatives?  (Thanks to John Seiler for pointing out this latest revelation from David Frum).

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