November 05, 2008

Day is done, gone the sun

One of the surreal things about living in the yuppie wasteland of Arlington, VA is listening to Taps mournfully played from the nearby Arlington National Cemetery as I go to sleep each night.  As the now familiar notes blared through the window this evening, some Obama supporters must have heard some kind of formal announcement of victory.  Their cheers mixed with the funeral song in a fashion that can only be described as fitting. 

The defeat of Lou Barletta in Pennsylvania and the possible defeat of Virgil Goode in Virginia removes what minor feeling of triumph I might feel at the downfall of the neoconservatives—as they are taking many good people with them, including champions of what is left of the real right in this country. 

Luckily, Damon Root over at Reason magazine is here to tell us that this is actually a victory of classical liberalism.  Maybe everything will be ok after all.

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