January 26, 2009

Dear Aby

The editors have heard that Aby Rosen, who achieved distinction as a real-estate mogul by attempting to install a luxury-condo mega-tower atop an historic 1949 building in Manhattan?s Upper East Side, has fallen on hard times. When his plans to build those 30 stories of glass-and-steel were thwarted by the city and a group of concerned Upper East residents, led by Tom Wolfe, Aby claimed that ?anti-Semitism? might have been at play. Whatever the case, the mortgage meltdown would seem to be the cause of his current dire straits.

The editors also fear that Aby?s financial situation might impact his home life as well. In 2005, Aby wed hedge-fund heiress and, according to New York magazine, Manhattan?s ?sexiest shrink,? Samantha Boardman. Samantha wed Aby, no doubt, on account of his charm and dedication to physical fitness. But if it were true that she had a mercenary motive or two in the marriage, then one might say that sticking with Aby now would be like declaring undying loyalty to the Third Reich in 1946, or in 1992 announcing that the dawn of the World Communism was at hand. Taki reports that in Gstaad, bets are being taken on whether Samantha will dump Aby or not. Currently, the odds are 5:1 that she will.         

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