September 01, 2009

Demi Moore denies having had plastic surgery

In an interview with the French version of Marie Claire, Demi Moore denies ever having had plastic surgery. This has caused a number of raised eyebrows (those eyebrows that cannot be raised amongst those who have had plastic surgery) for Moore has long been thought to be one of the most devoted customers of the surgeon’s art. Indeed, London’s Daily Mail is the source for a list of the surgeries she has had, costing some $220,000 over the years to add to her $300,000 or so bill for trainers, diets and so on (which, if true, means that we now know what looking like half a million dollars means).

It does have to be said though, some of the “evidence” is pretty thin. For a start, consider the source: The Daily Mail. As one who has worked with UK newspapers I would probably believe them if they told me it was Tuesday but not on a celebrity story. Another claim is that Moore has had a knee lift: you what? A knee lift? A third is that her breasts are noticeably larger than when she was a teenage starlet (for of course, as part of the rite of passage of any such she appeared topless in a scene or two at the start). Well, yes, she’s also had three children since then which is something known to have an effect on the front buoyancy tanks as many a husband will attest. It is also claimed that she has had tooth veneers: this really isn’t considered surgery these days, rather just top notch dentistry.

Something that militates against her having had extensive surgery is the fact that she can still move her face but perhaps that’s just evidence of an extremely good surgeon.

Given the above, whether Moore has or Moore hasn’t is something for you to make up your own mind upon. Rich woman looking good at 46 or someone in training to be the next Bride of Wildenstein?

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