August 19, 2009

Destroy the Silence

A global revolutionary, employed by a think-tank called The Center for a New American Security (sound familiar?)  is talking about the need “not just to dominate land operations, but to change entire societies”—and he’s got the president’s ear. A holdover from the Bush days at DoD is pursuing a “Clear, Hold, and Build” strategy in Afghanistan, and he thinks he can succeed where Alexander failed. The President himself has called that war “fundamental to the defense of our people.” And Pakistan looks to be next!

Well, no wonder the Left is going craaazy these days! I mean, whenever I flip on MSNBC or read HuffPost, those liberals are always speaking Truth to Power. They’re not gonna let that Obama guy get away with anything… oh wait … I forgot … none of that is happening … the Left’s a bunch of tools … Keith … Arianna … Rachel … all of ‘em.*  I wonder if it has something to do with that “America’s first black president” thing? Never mind. 

Thank the gods there’s The “antiwar Left” might have gone silent, but hasn’t. And they deserve our support.

And Justin’s efforts continue to be nothing short of heroic; he filed his 1000th column last week—that adds up to Atlas Shrugged and back again! 

*There, of course, are some exceptions.     


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