April 03, 2008

Did Nazis Really Target Takimag?

Two days I ago I asserted that an organized campaign had arisen to clog Takimag.com with neo-Nazi and anti-Semitic material. Here is the evidence for that assertion, from the Web site of the lovely and gracious Alex Linder:

I encourage VNN people, as part of our outreach, to visit these two paleoconservative sites.


Chronicles magazine

Both of these allow posts to appear immediately. Posting forces them to take positive action to censor you, and often your posts will stand for hours, or not be deleted at all. Be polite but firm in message. If they IP ban you, get around it easily through this proxy:


Old 2 Days Ago   #31
Alex Linder

Jews really are nature’s ultimate two-footed ten-faced chameleons. On conservative sites, they ditch their ordinary dirtbag mien for a pious, respectable’r than thou approach. All the better to fool the goyish suckers. It usually works. Help me get after them.

In case you think Herr Linder is only seeking a fair shake for his “unconventional” views, here’s an example of what passes for rational discussion on his site. Again, to quote him:

Like every other jew, you?ll notice, Gottfried is a victim of the Holocaust. His ancestors ?fled from nazi terror,? he informs us. In less hysterical terms, they emigrated. Were allowed to emigrate by nazi terrorists. Gottfried is a liar of precisely the same ilk as the jews now running America into the ground.

So censor away, because that is the only way you?re going to prevent the truth about you and your fellow jews getting out, jew Gottfried.

Notice that this jew also lies that most Christians are offended by the facts about jews. They are not. Like jews always do, jew Gottfried is falsely claiming to speak for an entire community. Just like the ADL does. And just like the ADL, he denounces as a ?hater? anyone who posts the plain facts about jews and their anti-White agenda.

I doubt that most of our readers will miss the contributions of Linder’s Nazi trolls.

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