April 28, 2009

Disaster Bureaucracy

The Femo-Marxist Naomi Klein has theorized about the phenomenon of ?Disaster Capitalism,? in which, if I?m getting her theory right, Washington invades foreign lands and tortures thier inhabitants in order to force them to accept de-regulation and the privatization of civil services. Okaaay? Not that there aren?t some thoroughly corrupt firms that benefit from Washington?s war-making, but, pace Naomi, the main thing that usually comes out of disasters, natural and man-made, is more bureaucracy and make-work for federal busybodies. Thus the ValueJet crash of 1996 summoned calls for greater funding for the FAA, which had, of course, given ValueJet its seal of approval. 9/11 bequeathed us the Department of Homeland Security, which at the time seemed like a rather sinister place that should have kept its original German title, Das Heimatssicherheitsdienstb?ro, though now it appears to have been transformed into a public wing of the SPLC geared towards locating and re-educating ?right-wing radicals” (that is, pretty much everyone who reads this website). And just as Bernie Madoff will, no doubt, do wonders for the funding of his former regulators, one can rest assured that someone in Washington is going to benefit form the latest Swine Flue outbreak, which, according to the latest reports, has just reached the fair borough of Queens. And it looks like Homeland Security is going to be the big winner. Heavens knows what Comrade Napolitano will do with all her knew resources? And this kind of government waste is usually harmful for your health. As Ron Paul notes in his vlog on the hysteria, the last time government got involved with a swine flu ?pandemic,? it began distributing inoculations that killed more people than the virus.

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