June 10, 2009

Diversity Is Our Strength! It’s also photo-shopped

Reports the Torontoist,

Well, this is awkward.

For the cover of their Spring & Summer FUN Guide (a “Toronto Parks, Forestry and Recreation booklet filled with programs and services for people of all ages” distributed to “community centres, civic centres, libraries and City Hall after February 22, 2009”), the City of Toronto digitally altered a stock photo of a family to replace the tan-skinned father with a darker-skinned one, according to the National Post.

John Gosgnach, the communications director for the City’s social development division, admitted to the Post that the “African-Canadian person” was “superimposed…onto the family cluster in the original photo….the goal was to depict the diversity of Toronto and its residents.” Kevin Sack, the City’s director of strategic communications, agreed with the goal, citing a directive to accurately represent Toronto’s diversity in its publications. “[T]he policy says ‘show diversity’ and that’s of course what we try and do because we want all of our publications to reflect the community that we serve….That’s only fair.

[hat tip: Gavin]

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