April 17, 2008

Do the anti-racist anti-abortion arguments work?

John points out that there are some neoconservative elitists and racists who like abortion for eugenic reasons.  This may be true, but regardless of what they say about abortion after a few drinks, they are not the types of people who support or get involved with NARAL or Planned Parenthood. 
The mindset among most of these militant pro-choicers has nothing to do with wanting more or less children of any race.  It has everything to do with their view that every woman?regardless of race or economic status?has the right to abort their fetus and that society has an obligation to make it possible for them to do it.  Thus, they see providing abortions to blacks as a great step forward to racial equality. 

This may be incredibly twisted logic, but it is simply disingenuous to purport that they have some secret racist motivation behind their views.  As the comment section shows many pro-lifers agree with me, but they still find it justified because it is an expedient argument to convert leftists and blacks to the pro-life cause.
This is not going to happen.  I have yet to hear a story of a single leftist who has been converted to the pro-life cause because they discovered that abortion is racist.  Instead, they see denying black women the opportunity to exercise their tax-funded ?right? to an abortion as racist.

Blacks are already overwhelmingly pro-life, but they vote overwhelmingly for pro-choice Democrats no matter what.  Even if they were convinced that abortion was racist, there is no way for Republicans to out anti-racist Democrats.  Therefore, the only way for Republicans to get these blacks to vote Republican would be to go as far to the Left on every single issue as the Democrats to get the black vote?which is exactly why these dishonest arguments have negative consequences.

Of course, in the course of their pandering they are going to alienate more white voters than the few blacks that they would gain, and the pro-life cause would be set back anyway.
Thus, the only thing accomplished by these arguments is to distract pro-lifers into fighting ?racism? rather than abortion. 

Lest there be any doubt of how pervasive this is, here are two e-mails I?ve gotten in literally the last two days:

One is from Students for Life of America ?Defund Racism Day: Government Funding Racism through Planned Parenthood?

The other is from the Family Research Council:

To commemorate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the 40th anniversary of his assassination, over 40 leading ministers – 20 whites and 20 blacks – made a commitment to bring racial reconciliation to our nation within a decade. (Click here to read the full statement: “A Reconciliation Referendum” by Tony Perkins and Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr.)
There is an urgent need for a deliberate and coordinated effort among Christian pastors and spiritual leaders in America to lead the nation in racial reconciliation.
The failure of good Christian people to provide a clear and convincing example of racial unity within the Church has contributed to the divide between the races in the nation, and it only appears to be widening.

We must recognize that racism is not just a social problem in America; it is also a spiritual problem. It is a matter of the heart. Healing racism in the nation is, therefore, a challenge facing our country that must first be addressed in and by the Church. We believe that contrary to what Americans have seen in the last few weeks, the Church can and must help lead the nation toward reconciliation among the races.

We are calling for all Bible-believing Christians to accept this Reconciliation Referendum and become active healing agents in this nation.
Will you stand with us?

If so, please add your name to the growing number of Christians who have made a commitment to bring racial reconciliation to our nation within the next decade.

Tony Perkins

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