February 15, 2009

Enter the Takisphere

Times as they are, we don’t all have the means to misbehave like Mr. Theodoracopulos. But everyone can still live a virtual High Life on Facebook!

There are actually two FB pages dedicated to Taki’s Magazine that you can join: a group page and a fan page. (Obviously, you must register with the productivity blackhole that is Facebook in order to take part.) If it’s any enticement, I’ll soon be adding some photos from Taki’s Christmas party (excluding those that are being used as evidence in ongoing investigations.)

I also suggest that you subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be the first on your block to view the latest from the Southern Avenger. (And next week, I’ll be filming an interview that you won’t you want to miss.) 

And at all these places, you can get a glimpse of our newly re-designed logo. As many of you might have heard, the site is being totally revamped, and we’ll be donning our new digs in the coming days.

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