June 06, 2008

Equality Means Never Having To Say You’re Sorry

Going to a baseball game evokes images of eating hot dogs, drinking beer, and lazing in the warmth of summer.  In Seattle last week, it also involved exposure to homosexual exhibitionism.  As the AP reported today, a lesbian couple was asked by an usher to “tone it down” after another fan complained about their conduct.  According to the Mariners, the women were “making out and groping” and “began swearing” when they were asked to “tone it down.”  According to the women—one of whom has appeared on an MTV show “in which women and men compete for the affection of a bisexual Internet celebrity”—they were merely “giving each other brief kisses.”  The women are unapologetic and defiant, complaining that they were discriminated against because they are lesbians.  The Mariners are now the targets of organized outrage, with “sex-advice columnist” Dan Savage advocating a “kiss-in” to protest the Mariners and Josh Friedes of Equal Rights Washington complaining, “Certain individuals have not yet caught up.  Those people see a gay or lesbian couple and they stare or say something.”  The usual accusations of “homophobia” are beginning to fill the air.

There is a word for people who don’t want to see lesbianism on display when they go to a baseball game, and that word is “normal.”  Heterosexuality and homosexuality are not equal, and ordinary people know this.  One, as embodied in marriage and the family, is the basis of society; the other is not.  A society that sought to totally supress heterosexual relations would, if successful in its efforts, become extinct; most societies throughout history have sought to supress homosexual relations, and have still flourished.  Of course, if we come to view homosexuality through the lens of egalitarianism—which is the actual goal of those pushing for homosexual marriage—public expressions of homosexuality will need to be tolerated to the precise degree public expressions of heterosexuality are.  If Americans do not want a future filled with antics such as those that rightly disgusted Mariners fans on May 26, they are going to have to learn to see through the ideology of egalitarianism.

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