August 18, 2009

Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and Kari Ann Peniche

The story of Eric Dane, Rebecca Gayheart and Kari Ann Peniche and the sex tape brings bad news for all of us that might be wondering when we might be able to spice up our sex lives.

Yes, of course, we are all absolutely delighted with our current sex lives, never once thinking of straying from the one to whom we have plighted our troth. No, really dear, never has it ever crossed my or our collective minds to fantasize about sex in any manner with anyone other than you. Honest.

The story is that Eric Dane (very handsome actor in some show or another: famous in the 90210 zip code at least) and his wife, Rebecca Gayheart (famous in 90210 and yes, extremely good looking) made a sex tape which has now leaked out onto these here intertubes. Put aside the oddity of anyone being interested in the fact that a married couple actually do have sex with each other: there was a third participant, Kari Ann Peniche (very pretty, former Miss Teen USA and Playboy model, yes, not quite 90210 type famous).

So far, rather so what? It’s not as if fame, wealth and looks have not been known to lead to the ability to garner sexual attention from those good looking but not famous nor wealthy over the annals of human history. However, Kari Ann is thought to have been proffering her attentions for rather more mercenary reasons than the law thinks she should. Consenting adults can do as they wish but not if one of them is being paid. Whether or not she was is something that the police are still investigating and the tape itself is part of the evidence (which we can be sure the police are indeed scrutinizing minutely).

The bad news here, assuming that Kari Ann does indeed negotiate over her affections, is what it implies for the rest of us who might be hoping for an addition of some of that libertine spice to our sex lives. If the rich, handsome, agreeable and famous, such as Dane and Gayheart, still have to go out and pay for it, what hope for the rest of us of getting it for free?

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