March 21, 2008

Expelled from Expelled

Expelled Executive Producer Logan Craft is deeply, deeply shocked that a movie critic has seen his Darwin For Zombies opus without signing a non-disclosure agreement , and that the cad has had the temerity to actually review it.

Craft denies involvement in the online ?media alert?  from Media Marketing, shown below, but his film’s official movie site displays the Motive Marketing logo and the a firm was founded by Craft’s colleague, Promise Media executive Lauer , who writes :

  We already had our first security breech [sic] and are asking YOU now for your support to stand up for EXPELLED: No Intelligence Allowed. Hosted by Ben Stein, EXPELLED contains a critical message at a critical time. As an underdog in Hollywood right now, we need your support.

  Recently Robert Moore, a film critic from The Orlando Sentinel pretending to be a minister, snuck into a private screening, did not sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement, and criticized the film the next day in his article.

  Yesterday, the vigilant Producers expelled P.Z. Myers, a scientists who appears in the film from a preview !

He was yanked out of line despite having registered and reserved a seat,  but another person who appears in the film went unrecognized by Producer Mark Mathis, and was admitted.

It was Richard Dawkins of Oxford University

At the Q&A following , he protested the film’s cut and paste pseudo interviews , including scenes in which Stein is actually talking to an empty chair,  addressing rhetorical questions he never asked to people he has never met.

As this bizarre episode transpired on Maundy Thursday, some may think it evidences how, the well of mercy being infinitely deep, the charity of Providence embraces even atheists.

Dawkins may instead insist it shows God’s sense of humor to be so highly evolved as to prove that Darwin was right all along.

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