June 23, 2008

Fascism with a Hopey face

Having transposed the Great Transcender’s campaign logo onto the presidential seal, David Axelrod seems to have finally achieved a proper visual representation of our coming Obamian Order. Sure, the thing might be a bit illegal, but then after it’s installed in every small town court house and Farm Service office, people will stop asking questions. 

The liberal fascists of old usually had seals with really manly looking symbols of authority, or else lightening bolts or ancient Hindu signs of good luck. Obama prefers the Hope-inducing rising sun and, as Steve Sailer points out, certain ?PoMo? touches. ?Obama? seems to have now become a substantive noun??America?s gonna get its Obama! Some Obama we can believe in!? It’s reminiscent of the jokey statue of “Potrlandia” that adorns Michael Grave’s PoMo Parthenon, the Portland Public Service Building. And ?E Pluribus Unum? has been replaced by ?Vero Possumus?/?Yes We Can!? I think it?s safe to say that a leftist slogan mouthed by college coeds with trust funds sounds even stupider in the original Latin. 

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