June 05, 2009

Geithner in China

While Obama creates a better world in the Middle East, the real action is in the Middle Kingdom, where Secretary Timbabwe has been dispatched to lecture our creditors on the basics of Glorious American Imperial Finance: You people save a large percentage of your income, loan it to us, and we?ll spend it. You might need to give us some additional funds so we can pay the interest on the money we just borrowed. Whatever else we need we?ll just print.

Reuters is reporting that for some reason laughter was heard as Geithner explained to the students of Peking University the details of the arrangement. The line ?Chinese assets are very safe? really brought the house down. Other zingers included Geithner?s promise that the Obama administration would soon be “very disciplined”? just not right now. (Raw footage of the event can be found here.) 

A major prerequisite for being a good propaganda czar is the ability to keep a straight face. And in this line, Geithner?s composure is remarkable, for the demands of his job would seem more onerous than those placed on Saddam Hussein?s last Minister of Information, Mohammed Sa?d al-Sahaf.

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