May 20, 2008

“Genetic Determinism” at National Review

This weekend, I learned that I was a ?genetic determinist.?  I?m not really sure exactly what it means.  Apparently it has something to do with not liking Barack Obama and not hating people in West Virginia and Kentucky.  Anyway this presumably means that us determinists will “make their way back to the GOP, make their peace with the neocons, and together with Bill Kristol and the rest of the Fox News commissars endlessly wallow in the collected sayings of the Rev. Wright? “

Preparing for my new role, I subscribed to National Review.  The latest issue arrived tonight, and I expected to find great new genetic determinist reasons to support John McCain.  Much to my surprise and dismay, look what was on the cover

The previous issue’s cover story was “The God of Black Power: On Black Liberation Theology and the Meaning of Rev. Wright.”  I’m confused.  Do they support Obama or McCain?

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