June 09, 2008

Go Amit Go!

Here at Takimag,  we?ve already noted the rise of the ?Ron Paul Republicans,? that is, conservatives who take strong stands on limited government, value an ?America First? foreign policy, and have often been inspired to run for office and reform the GOP from within by the example of Dr. Paul?s rEVOLution.

I?m very happy to say that I (and the rest of the paleo ?orange line mafia?) have a chance to vote for such a candidate tomorrow?Amit Singh

My friend Dan McCarthy has been researching Amit for a recent article, so I?ll direct you to his writings on the subject, as well as the candidate?s official platform

But of course, no Takimag endorsement would be complete without mercilessly making fun of Amit?s opponent, Mark Elmore. And believe me, this guy makes it easy. First off, Ellmore has relied on the time-honored campaign technique of brazen lying. Take it from the Post: “A flier put out by Mark W. Ellmore’s campaign days before Tuesday’s U.S. House Republican primary in Northern Virginia falsely attributes material to The Washington Post, an error pointed out by his opponent and confirmed by Ellmore’s staff yesterday.”

But there’s more. Just give a few of Ellmore?s own statements a quick read decide whether you want to send this former mortgage lender to Congress. 

Elmore is, you known,?just a guy from the hood” who wants to “kickbox and fight” for the 8th District in Congress.? It gets worse from here.

At some points he sounds like Dubya:

“We absolutely need to securitize our borders?”

At others points, he sounds like Obama:

“I’m reaching out to labor organizations and African-Americans ? I’m not interested in playing politics, I’m only interested in being the best I can be and spreading my message of hope and unity.”

Could you perhaps fit in another meaningless clich?, like ?We played as a team and gave it our all, but we?re just taking it one game at a time?? 

Later on, he sounds like the long lost Dubya-Obama love child:

“My faith defines where my heart is ? There’s good that you can see coming from me, the respect, the passion. You just realize the importance of trying to reach out and love people ? that’s what I get from my faith and that’s why I want to serve as a congressman.?

I met Amit the other day at a campaign function featuring tons of young Virginians and some Ron Paul people. Amit was an upstanding gentleman, a engineer who runs his own business, a graduate of my Alma Mater, and candidate with a platform that would bring a smile to the face of our favorite congressman

Go Amit Go! And everyone in Virginia?s 8th District, get out there and support one of our guys!

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