June 17, 2008

Go Get ‘em!

OK, Chris, we get it. You don?t want to do anything prissy like ?spread democracy,? you just want to kill people. And plus, those primitive creatures of foul Arabia don?t deserve our Western culture anyway.

I agree that paleoconservatives and traditionalists can sometimes get a little detached from reality (often charmingly so); however, I was honesty unaware that our movement is filled with ?pacifists.? So that we can better combat these paleo powder puffs, I wish you?d help us out a bit by, say, naming them

I also wonder what the implications might be of your ?just get ?em? sentiment.

Back in the heady days of 2005, Bush spoke a lot about the ?march of freedom? yada yada yada, but he?s been deemphasizing this ever since, preferring the tough talk of ?victory? and ?not giving up.? There?s also the question of whether your average GOP voter?the guys who like NASCAR and have never heard of Commentary?ever really bought into the whole transform the Middle East thing in the first place.

Regardless, the American military has proven itself almost completely incapable of installing a functioning parliamentary democracy in Baghdad. But they?ve been quite efficient and successful in killing a lot of people?many of them terrorists and assorted ?bad guys.?

So in your estimation, Chris, is the war going just fine? Are we achieving our objectives (or, rather, what our objectives should be)?

I, for one, have never faulted Washington for lacking the resolve to kill. I fault them for lacking a strategy?particularly one of the exit variety.

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