August 03, 2008

Going Ugly Early

Political horse-race commentary generally bores me?mostly due to the fact that the “analysts” who make a living at it are almost all of yipping wannabes who regurgitate candidates? talking-points while trying to sound like the ultimate insider: ?Why yes, Chris, the people close to John McCain are telling me that the candidate?s real challenge is to convince Americans that he has the experience to lead??

I usually only find politicking interesting once it starts to get really, really mean. I?d thus like to express my full approval of John McCain?s recent spot in which he generally lays into Obama as a big Messianic Nothing Burger. I never thought Mac would actually do it; I always expected him to yammer on all summer about the ?transcendent challenge?… 

This snarky spot seems a lot better than the earlier one featuring Paris & Brittany, which, when you think about it, was probably terribly ill-conceived as a negative ad?as a friend remarked the other day, ?Yeah, Americans really hate celebrities.?

The Democrats? response is totally lame: 

Mentioning that the New York Times is defending Obama and criticizing McCain is a pretty sure-fire way of convincing millions of Heartland Nationalists that they shouldn’t even think about voting for the Big O. I?m also not sure that pleading victim status and crying that your opponent is just not fair has ever been a successful tactic. To be frank, going negative works. It?s been true ever since Dick attacked Helen


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