May 03, 2008

Good for Marcus

Human Events‘s falsification of Martin Luther King?s record on abortion, which Marcus exposes in his latest blog, struck me as the kind of willful, stupid lie that the current conservative movement perpetrates with remarkable regularity. From the pretense that the ?move against Saddam Hussein? that William Kristol and Rich Lowry called for in 2002 in their Project for a New American Century (God save us from such a century!), was necessary for the ?defense of Israel,? (there is no evidence that most Israelis thought this was the case) to the wholesale reconstruction of MLK as a classical Christian theologian and ?conservative? moralist, there seems to be no depth of mendacity to which the movement will not descend. Unfortunately their lies are usually glaringly stupid, like the one that Marcus revealed without much difficulty. And they usually do zilch to advance the cause of Republican hacks at the poll. No one but an idiot or someone who is captive to neocon control and money would tell us that MLK opposed affirmative action programs or was against abortion or Planned Parenthood. Whatever black voters may believe about whites spreading HIV to decimate racial minorities, even they are too savvy to believe the implausible historical reconstructions being manufactured at Human Events and the Weekly Standard. And I hope black voters reward the preferred neocon presidential candidate this year in the same way they showed their support for the present neocon occupant of the White House. About 8% of the black vote seems just about right.

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