June 03, 2009

Goodbye, Jacqui

Labour crony Jacqui Smith has made quite a name for herself as the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary. In the couple years she has served in office she has managed to earn the titles of “Big Sister,” “Pocket Dictator,” and “Stalinist” due to her support of policies taken from the Stasi playbook such as a government database to log all phone calls and e-mail in the UK.

Most recently she has also become famous for her banning of political figures she disagrees with, namely Dutch politician Geert Wilders and radio host Michael Savage. According to Smith, questioning politically correct orthodoxy constitutes a dangerous threat to the United Kingdom.

Her reign of Red Terror seems to be coming to an end though after it has been revealed she committed extreme abuse of government funds including charging porno movies to her parliamentary expense account. The media is reporting she is as good as gone.

Smith on her daily hunt for ‘dangerous’ right-wingers.

While Smith is on her way out, her victim Geert Wilders’ political party appears to be on its way in, in the European Parliament that is. European elections are being held from June 4-June 7 and all polls show Wilders’ party picking up at least several seats.

Good luck to Wilders and Good riddance to Smith.

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