November 05, 2009

Grand New Pagan

The neopagan takeover of the GOP has begun.

Village Voice
Steven Thrasher, Nov. 4 2009

Holy Tyr! Queens voters made American history tonight, when they chose Dan Halloran as the nation’s first openly heathen elected official.

Halloran will serve as the City Council member from the 19th district, representing Bayside, Auburndale and part of Flushing. He and Kevin Kim were involved in a bruising campaign to the finish, which included many religious and racial fights and allegations.

Trips to both campaigns’ offices on Election Night revealed how different the two were. Shortly before the polls closed at the Kim campaign office, there was not one white person working there. Beneath a Shepard Fairey poster, a couple dozen Mandarin speaking volunteers hustled up rides to the polls on cell phones.

At Halloran HQ, there was hardly one non-white person, and the walls were adorned with ads for Tea Party protests.

And then comes my favorite two lines from the piece:

Ironically, one of the first things Halloran said when addressing his supporters after Kim conceded was “I could never have believed in my wildest dreams of the coalition we have put together.” It didn’t look like much of a diverse ‘coalition’ to us, unless you count the mix of heathens and Roman Catholics.

It’s called the “Takimag Strategy,” and apparently it can win in Queens!

(Our recent discussion of paganism and Christianity can be read here, here, and here.)

It’s worth noting that Halloran is a “King” (that is, high priest) of a New York sect of Theodism, also known as

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