February 13, 2009

Grist for the Rumor Mill

I regret to announce that blogger Robert Stacy McCain has established some kind of ?Who?s Richard Spencer Dating?? gossip and rumor website. I?ve never met this McCain fellow, but if anyone knows the rapscallion?s whereabouts, please pass them along, as I plan to challenge him to duel after he’s slandered Michelle Lee Muccio‘s good name by linking her to someone as morally dubious as myself! 

In truth, Ms. Muccio and I have never been romantically attached?alas!?but I very much enjoyed conversing with this intelligent and beautiful young woman at a DC mixer last Christmas. And she deserves better than to be discussed in a blog whose lead topic is skankdom. 

You?ll pay for this, McCain!

UPDATE: McCain, if that?s his real name, has responded to my throwing down of the gauntlet, claiming that I didn?t have the brash balls to ?close the deal? with the alluring Ms. Muccio. Well, during the winter of ?07, I was ?romantically attached? to someone else. And though perhaps in the Takiverse, this is no excuse for not finding oneself another pretty girl, I can?t always live up to the heroic example set by my indefatigable mentor. 


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