November 10, 2009

Gutzman on Beck; Gutzman on Church

Judge Andrew Napolitano will guest host Fox News’s Glenn Beck Program tonight.  I’ll be on right at the top of the show.  The topic will be the Federal Government’s trashing of the US Constitution.  I understand that Tom Woods will be on the show tonight as well, but I’m not sure when or about what.

Today on Sirius/XM’s The Mike Church Show, I was a guest for two hours.  The topic was the idea, floating around among state legislators in several states, of having a federal constitutional convention.  I favor it, strongly, and Mike gave me plenty of time to develop my reasoning.  My appearance was originally to be for one hour, but he asked me to stay for a second hour, and I happily obliged.  Callers asked all of the most common questions, which I flatter myself that I answered persuasively.  At least, I am persuaded.

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