July 16, 2009

Hate to say I told you so but…

Back in February, I wrote in regards to Iceland

[The economic] crisis will provide the cover for the leftists to carry out their irreversible agenda of social transformation. Both the left-wing parties will push for liberalizing labor laws for immigrants, an ominous sign for a tiny nation of about 300,000. The fall of the Independence Party also removes a major obstacle for the admission of Iceland to the EU, which though not on the table immediately, may look increasingly desirable if the krona remains weak. This will create great pressure on Iceland to accept mass immigration and other restrictions on sovereignty which could easily destroy the country and current a permanent constituency for socialism. Because the country is so small, leftists only need to open the floodgates once to ensure their permanent majority.

Today comes news that Iceland’s parliament voted to pursue membership in the European Union.  This is a country that fought a near war against the Royal Navy over its fisheries. The center-left now casually tosses their country’s natural birthright away. I can’t help but suspect this has little to do with the economy and more to do with the center-left’s general strategy of pushing power as far away from democratic checks as possible, as the peasants occasionally vote the wrong way.

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