December 08, 2009

Holly Sampson and Tiger Woods

By now no doubt you will have seen that one of Tiger Woods’ alleged girlfriends is the porn star Holly Sampson. And Ms. Sampson is a proper porn star, erm, “acting” in numerous films over more than a decade. She’s not someone who simply wandered onto a skinflick set drunk or desperate for money.

So why is it that I find myself warming to her on this matter? At least, given what we know so far about her actions and her actions to date (if her next title is with a Tiger lookalike or she tells all to National Enquirer then this next is going to make me look pretty silly but then so? What’s new about that?).

Recall what the others have been doing. The Florida restaurant manager sold her story to the News of the World. One of the Vegas cocktail waitresses took $150,000 to tell the world, at least part of what she told the world was, that Tiger’s no good in bed. A nightclub promoter hired Gloria Allred as her legal mouthpiece and flew to LA to bottle out of giving a press conference amidst reports of a payoff. Holly Sampson?

The latest woman to be linked with the hapless sportsman is Holly Sampson, the 36-year-old star of films such as Diary of A Horny Housewife and Emmanuelle in Paradise. Her lawyer said yesterday that she had nothing to say on the matter.

A dignified silence on the matter then. Oh, and has anyone else noticed how Ms. Sampson’s alleged romps took place before Tiger was married while all the others after his nuptials? We do still make a distinction between fornication and adultery don’t we?

Perhaps this is just proof again of one of our Glorious Leader’s contentions in his Spectator pieces over the years. As Taki never tires of pointing out, the professionals in the sex business often seem to have higher morals and better manners than the amateurs.

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