August 21, 2009

HuffPost ?  The Southern Avenger

HuffPost has a provocative article up today by Carol Swain, a rare bird in the American academy, who’s actually been willing to take White Nationalists seriously and debate them, as well as criticize affirmative action, mass immigration, and multiculturalism from the stand point of an integrationist. And best of all, she reads Takimag!   

Jack Hunter, a conservative commentator from South Carolina, calls himself the Southern Avenger. Through Taki’s Magazine, Hunter has recently produced the video, Whites are People Too, which condemns racial double-standards by members of the media. The impetus for Hunter’s video was a Maureen Dowd column, “Toilet-paper Barricades,” which took a swing at the Town Hall protesters. With her usual wit, Dowd noted that “Instead of a multicultural tableau of beaming young idealists on screen, we see ugly scenes of mostly older and white malcontents, disrupting forums where others have come to actually learn something.” Hunt also cites a Paul Krugman column, “The Town Hall Mob” which suggested that the protesters are really protesting a black president.

As I have warned repeatedly, I believe America is headed for unprecedented levels of racial turmoil. The election of President Barack Obama has not been the healing balm anticipated. If anything President Obama’s stances have heighten rather than ameliorated existing racial and ethnic tensions. If we are to make progress, we need a no-holds-barred racial dialogue during which minorities must listen as much as they speak out. We desperately need leaders willing to stand up and defend rather than subvert our Constitutional rights.

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